Thursday, October 25, 2007

Central Texas is Becoming Infected

In schools all around the country staph infections are spreading rapidly. Staph is a growing problem that is a sweeping the country. It is a form of methicillin-resistant staphylococus aureus, or MRSA. Staph is drug-resistant and potentially life threatening.

School districts in Central Texas are now noting how many cases are being reported. What has taken so long? In my hometown of Lockhart, staph has been around the high school for at least three years. Two of my good friends, Derek and Justin, have had staph so far; Derek has actually had it twice. Since getting the infection the second time, Derek has recently quit football, fearing that he may get it again.

Parents of students in Central Texas need to be informed that staph is present in their school. Each time an athlete has it, they report it to their coaches, so why hasn't anything been done sooner? The athletic departments are starting to sterilize lockers, showers, weight rooms, and equipment, but that won't be enough. The school district needs to inform parents and students about this infection before it claims the lives of more students. From my personal experences, Lockhart High School doesn't provide liquid soap. All that is in the restroom is bar soaps. That is not sanitary. If this infection is going to stop, we need the help of everyone... not just athletes who are directly affected.

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The Red Elephant said...

I agree with your assessment of the drug resistant staph known as MRSA. I have not attended High School since 1992 and I can remember the majority of the athletes including myself of having terrible cases of athletes foot. I dont recall any staph infections but I do know that what was considered sanitizing the locker rooms was nothing more than emptying the trash and wiping down the sinks. Clearly it is a case of the schools not inforcing proper sanitizing techniques. MRSA may be drug resistant but it wouldnt have a chance against a rag and plain old bleach. Schools need to get aggressive with their cleaning and they need to use the proper chemicals to fight potentially deadly infectious diseases.