Thursday, October 25, 2007

Central Texas is Becoming Infected

In schools all around the country staph infections are spreading rapidly. Staph is a growing problem that is a sweeping the country. It is a form of methicillin-resistant staphylococus aureus, or MRSA. Staph is drug-resistant and potentially life threatening.

School districts in Central Texas are now noting how many cases are being reported. What has taken so long? In my hometown of Lockhart, staph has been around the high school for at least three years. Two of my good friends, Derek and Justin, have had staph so far; Derek has actually had it twice. Since getting the infection the second time, Derek has recently quit football, fearing that he may get it again.

Parents of students in Central Texas need to be informed that staph is present in their school. Each time an athlete has it, they report it to their coaches, so why hasn't anything been done sooner? The athletic departments are starting to sterilize lockers, showers, weight rooms, and equipment, but that won't be enough. The school district needs to inform parents and students about this infection before it claims the lives of more students. From my personal experences, Lockhart High School doesn't provide liquid soap. All that is in the restroom is bar soaps. That is not sanitary. If this infection is going to stop, we need the help of everyone... not just athletes who are directly affected.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

You're Welcome... If You're Legal

While looking for articles to write this blog about, I came over a number of articles about a Dallas suburb called Irving. In this town, citizens are trying to control the number of illegal immigrants. I completely agree with these people. Honestly, I do not see why LEGAL immigrants, or even US born Hispanics are upset about the US not wanting illegal immigrants. If illegal immigrants were not here, maybe police and even employers would stop profiling Hispanics.
Some Hispanics think that 'Whites' don't like illegal immigrants just because they are Hispanic. I'm sorry, but the 20th century is gone. The reason AMERICANS don't like illegal immigrants is because they are ILLEGAL! Join the country legally and you are more than welcome to be my neighbor.
In an article titled, "Passionate Protestors on Both Sides of Immigration Debate Turn Out in Irving," it states what happened on October 13, 2007, when protesters and supporters of the Criminal Alien Program marched to the steps of City Hall. The Criminal Alien Program allows police officers to turn suspected illegal immigrants over to federal authorities.
The quote that stuck out the most to me was said by Julio Arellano. He said, "Back then, black people were being arrested all the time. Black people weren't allowed to drink from water fountains. I feel that's what's happening now." I do not agree with his statement. Yes, in the past, African Americans were not allowed to drink out of the same water fountain as Whites, but no one is doing that to Hispanics or illegal immigrants. The only thing we want is for the illegals to go home.
Although I do not agree that illegal immigrants should be here, I do not agree with what one supporter of the CAP said. "Our government has not kept to its oath to protect us from invasion," said the group's president, Jean Towell. I do not believe that it is an 'invasion.' I do think that something does need to be done though.
Something needs to be done, but when will any two races agree on the same thing?

Monday, October 1, 2007

Over Aggressive Cops?

Back in November of 2006, Corporal Thomas O'Connor of the Austin Police Department stun gunned a 32 year old man after pulling him over for a minor traffic violation. After Eugene Snelling questioned why he was being pulled over, O'Connor ordered him out of the car and used his taser after only 45 seconds.

This subject is very touchy to me personally because my boyfriend was actually tasered by this same police officer. He was tasered on Guadelupe Street for 'giving a false name,' even though it was his real name. That isn't even the worst part... At the time, he was 15, hand cuffed and feet cuffed, and sitting on the curb. This officer has a reputation for being over aggressive and needs to be taken off the street.

In this article, it says that O'Conner says that this was his first time firing the weapon, but the truth is, this was at least his second time. Also, he says that he feared that Snelling was going to push him into traffic. If he was scared, he shouldn't have gone to the driver's side of the car that was closest to the traffic.

In one part of the article it says that Cheif Art Acevedo was troubled by the officer's quick use of his taser on Snelling, who is black, and by internal affairs detectives' decision that O'Connor, who is white, had done nothing wrong by using the weapon. I do not agree with the observation. I do not believe that O'Conner was targeting Snelling because he was black. My boyfriend recieved the same reactions from O'Connor as Snelling did even though he is white.

Over aggressive and arrogant police officers do not help any situation, they just make them worse. When you get pulled over you are already upset, and having a prick for a cop does not make anything better. APD needs to realize what kind of cops they have and do something about it. Personally, I am glad to see Cheif Acevedo come to Austin. He seems to be trying to make an effort to get Austinites and APD get along.