Wednesday, September 19, 2007

When someone is taken to jail, police officers usually say, "This is for your own safety." But what happens when you pass out and none of the jail officers notice? This happened to Sarah Trevino and it cost her her life. She was arrested in Caldwell County after the annual Watermelon Thump for suspicion of public intoxication.

After Trevino's autopsy, the medical examiner concluded that her alcohol blood level was only .03, less than half of Texas' DWI limit is. She also had traces of Xanax and two narcotic pain relievers.

In my opinion, this article is worth reading because it lets the public know what can happen behind the bars of jail. Don't think that just because someone you love is in there means that they are safe. The Caldwell County officers should have checked on this woman more and not had to of have another inmate tell them that she passed out and was turning blue. The police officers' actions, or should I say the lack there of, does not justify anyone abusing prescription drugs and alcohol, but it should raise awareness on what can happen inside the Texas jails.

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